Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are SCHOLARSHIPS available to attend summer leadership camp? A: Call the Institute for ideas regarding scholarship funding. Check in your local community for scholarships from civic and community organizations. Check with your school regarding available scholarships. The Institute offers a $25 achievement scholarship to all campers who have a B grade average or who are on their school's honor roll. Q. What is lodging like at the middle school and high school residential camps at Ohio Dominican University? A: Campers are housed in air-conditioned dorms.  The dorm rooms are suites housing 4 campers. Q. Will I have much contact with counselors at OhioLTC? A: Yes, counselors are the heart of the Leadership Training Camp/Conference program. Each camper is assigned a Personal Counselor and each counselor is assigned Personal Campers. Counselors are highly selected from the best young leaders to serve as leadership role models for campers. Q: Can I select my roommates for OhioLTC? A: Yes, absolutely. You can choose THREE roommates. Please make sure to list the roommate(s) on your camp application and make sure they list you on their application. Q: Can I register for OhioLTC after the camp registration deadline? A: Only if we have space available. Call the office at 1-614-826-2830 for availibility after the registration deadline. Q. How does a camper know which camp to attend? A. Campers should attend the camp according to the grade they will enter in the fall. Q. How do campers take medications while at camp? A. We have a First-Aid Director at each camp. The First-Aid Director will administer all medications or remind campers to take the medications on their own. Campers who take medications should have this noted on their medical form. Parents or guardians can provide any additional information to the First-Aid Director on the first day of camp at registration. Q. What types of leadership learning takes place at camp? A. The entire camp is a leadership learning experience. All of the workshops and activities are action-oriented allowing for participation by all campers. Each workshop or activitiy has a fun-filled educational component. It is summer and camp is fun....we show each camper how learning can be a fun-filled experience at camp. Q. What is the content of the workshops at camp? A. Each workshop is activity oriented and campers are involved in learning. A leadership concept is introduced and explained by the counselors and then campers become involved in learning the concept through simulations, activities or group work. In good weather all workshops are held outside.  Campers at the middle school camp have the opportunity to attend workshops designed to enhance participation in the Jr. Ohio Model United Nations program. Participants in the Ohio Global Leadership Summit for high school students attend workshops designed to enhance global leadership skills and participation in the Sr. Ohio Model United Nations program. Q. What kinds of skills are learned in the workshops at camp? A. Workshops are based on essential leadership development skills such as communications skills, goal setting, self-expression, group dynamics and motivation, team work, and other leadership skills. One of the workshops recently was entitled, "Introducing ME!". In the workshop campers learned about the importance of introductions and how to introduce themselves to others. All of the commnications skills such as good eye contact, speaking in a clear and distinctive voice, making a good first impression, self-confidence, etc. were introduced to campers. Each camper then complete an introduction of themselves to the other campers in their leadership group. Campers also practiced good hand shaking techniques and ways to be confident and proud of themselves and their accomplishments, hobbies, or interests. Content for all camp workshops can be found in the NEW book, "Teaching Leadership & 21st Century Skills" by Executive Director, John Lester from Pieces of Learning Publishing. Q. How long have OhioLTC camps been conducted in Ohio? A. During the summer of 2018, Ohio Leadership Institute will celebrate 37 years of providing OhioLTC summer leadership camps in Ohio. Over 30,000 campers have attended the summer camps since 1982. The camps were founded in Gallipolis, Ohio as a summer alternative leadership learning experience for students. Over the years the camps have expanded and grown into one of the premier leadership building programs in the state of Ohio. In addition to the camps, Ohio Leadership Institute sponsors the Ohio Model United Nations program where approximately 4000 middle school and high school students participate in the largest global education program in the state. Both programs are unique to the state of Ohio and among the largest and longest running student leadership programs in the nation. Q. What types of recreational activities take place at camp? A. The entire camp is a wonderful leadership building experience. In addition to the action-oriented workshops, campers participate in leadership simulations, leadership sessions, and activities. Recreational activities include: campfire, games, talent showcases, songs, dances, and a variety of spirited activities. QUESTIONS? Call the Institute at 1-614-826-2830 or e-mail us at ohioleader@gmail.comWe look forward to seeing you at leadership camp this summer!
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