Our Staff

Executive Director
John E. Lester
Ohio Leadership Institute is under the direction of John E. Lester, an educator with degrees in comprehensive social studies, gifted education and educational administration. John’s background includes twenty-five years as a social studies classroom teacher in Ohio and Kentucky, teacher of gifted and coordinator of gifted programs. He has served as the president of the Ohio Association for Gifted Children. He developed and has directed both Ohio Leadership Training Camps and Ohio Model United Nations for the past 33 years. His professional tributes include Ohio Social Studies Teacher of the Year, Ashland Oil Teacher Achievement Award, and educational fellowships in Japan, Germany and the former Czechoslovakia. His students and programs have received recognition at the state, national and international levels and include recognitions such as the nation’s 52nd Point of Light. He is currently an educational consultant in Ohio and throughout the nation. His latest book is entitled, “Teaching Leadership & 21st Century Skills” (Pieces of Learning INC, 2015).

Associate Director
Lowell D. Miller
Lowell D. Miller is the Associate Director of Ohio Leadership Institute. Lowell has a background in finance, media communications and radio-televison. Lowell is originally from Eastern Kentucky. After living and working in New York City, he relocated to Ohio to assume the position of Associate Director of the Institute. He has a strong background in International Studies and has developed programs for the Institute, including the I-OPEN (International Outreach Program for Education in Nigeria) project. He travelled to Nigeria in order to establish this program for the Institute. His interest in International Relations and Communications has allowed the Institute to host foreign visitors and expand global education programs to reach students, teachers and parents. His recent travels include educational excursions to Denmark, London and Nigeria, where he established the I-OPEN program.

Program Director
Eleanor Yunghans
Eleanor Yunghans is Program Director for Ohio Leadership Institute. Eleanor has a background in education in the area of social studies and global education. She retired from the Perkins Local School District in Sandusky and has recently retired from the Hamilton Township District near Columbus. Eleanor has served as the first aid director for the summer residential leadership camps for the past twenty years. She has also served as a summer program director. Eleanor has served as the Executive Director of the Ohio Council for the Social Studies. She has been named Ohio Social Studies Teacher of the Year, National History Day Teacher of the Year and has been recognized as one of the state’s foremost social studies educators.

Program Volunteer STAFF