OMUN – General Information

The Hyatt Regency Hotel serves as the headquarters for the Ohio Model United Nations program. The hotel is located in downtown Columbus adjacent to the Columbus Convention Center.

The hotel address is:
350 North High Street
Columbus OH 43215.
The hotel phone number is 614-463-1234.

Students are housed in quad rooms (4 students per room). Students can be housed in triple or double rooms for an extra fee. Students should NOT be housed with (5) students per room unless permission is given by the Institute. All pay television channels are disconnected during OMUN. Additionally, long distance phone calls cannot be made from rooms. Students can call from room to room in the hotel. Adult rooms are connected for long distance calls. Pay phones are located in the hotel lobby.

Schools should plan to arrive for registration between 4:00PM – 5:00PM on the first day of OMUN.

Schools can arrive early, store luggage in the hotel and settle in rooms beginning at 4:00PM. The hotel is located within easy walking distance of many attractions in downtown Columbus. The adjacent convention center has numerous restaurants and a food court. There are numerous restaurants within easy walking distance of the hotel. Council sessions begin on the first evening at 6:00PM. School advisors must register the entire school. At registration the advisor receives room keys, student guides and nametags. Advisors should plan to bring medical forms and balance of school fees to the registration area on the second floor of the hotel.

The closing session for OMUN begins at 9:30AM on the last morning. Following the closing session OMUN concludes by 10:30AM. Advisors should check rooms for student belongings, leave card keys in the rooms or return them to the front desk and proceed to load busses for the trip home.

The native outfit is to be worn by delegates at all OMUN activities, except the dance (International Celebration) and on the last morning morning. Delegates can wear appropriate clothing to the dance. Dress should be in good taste. On the last morning delegates are asked to wear the OMUN shirt to the closing session. In lieu of the native outfit delegates can choose to wear dressy clothes during OMUN. Absolutely no jeans and/or t-shirts can be worn in lieu of the native outfit. If delegations choose to wear dressy clothes, they should try in some way to wear something in common in order to show national/team unity among members. All dress must be in good taste at all times, including native outfits.

This form must be on file for each participant at OMUN. Advisors must have forms at the time of registration. The medical form is located in the OMUN Training Manual. In lieu of this form, advisors can bring copies of official school medical forms that are on file with the school. Either the OMUN medical form or the school medical form can be used, as long as the form contains a medical release section containing parent permission in case a participant must receive medical treatment.