I-OPEN (International Outreach Program for Education in Nigeria)

I-OPEN (International Outreach Program for Education In Nigeria)

The Ohio Leadership Institute’s Ohio Model United Nations program is proud to sponsor a new International Outreach program: I-OPEN (International Outreach Program for Education in Nigeria).

Students attending OMUN  have donated nearly $15,000 toward the establishment of the project.   Schools across the state of Ohio are currently raising funds to support the program.

Ohio Leadership Institute’s Associate Director, Lowell Miller traveled to Nigeria to establish I-OPEN.  He spent a month in Nigeria working with AYPAD (African Youth Platform for Development) in order to establish an educational outreach project for Ohio Leadership Institute and Ohio Model United Nations.

Our goal is to develop this program and to continue to raise funds and build relationships with the young people in the USA and young people and citizens of the Plateau State and Nigeria.

We have established the following goals for the I-OPEN program:

  • To create a cultural exchange of information in order for young people from both nations to learn from each other.
  • To create an awareness of the importance of education to all young people.
  • To gather support from other organizations regarding the need for fresh water.
  • To gain support and awareness in order to assist teachers from both nations to travel, learn, and gain knowledge in order to share this knowledge with students.
  • To support APYD and other educational outreach programs in Nigeria.
  • To build awareness for the positives aspects of Nigeria and build friendships between Nigeria and the USA.
  • To educate young leaders and raise awareness of the need for Global Education in all areas of the world.
  • To build leadership capacity in young people in the state of Ohio, USA and the Plateau State, Nigeria.

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