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Ohio Model United Nations is a school-based program sponsored by Ohio Leadership Institute whereby students attend as teams/groups from participating schools representing one of the member nations of the UN. Groups/teams must have at least a minimum of 5 members to participate with the maximum number in a group set at 10. In order to participate the group/team must be sanctioned by the participating school and a school advisor (teacher or parent) must accompany the group to the simulation at the Hyatt Regency Columbus.


Ohio Model United Nations is a three-day global education simulation experience that allows students in grades 5-12 to learn about the complete operations of the United Nations and its role as the world’s largest international peacekeeping and humanitarian organization. Through the process of role-playing, students become delegates of a selected nation in order to write, present and debate issues affecting the nations and peoples of the world. Additionally, students present culturally based talent, participate in global education contests and debate current issues from the agenda of the United Nations.

Ohio Model United Nations provides students an opportunity to:

  • Learn about cultures, governments and peoples of nations throughout the world.
  • Use research skills, writing skills and written & oral communications skills.
  • Develop critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and evaluative skills.
  • Debate current global issues and world problems.
  • Practice and use leadership skills in a real life global simulation.
  • Understand the need for peace and conflict resolution throughout the world.

I-OPEN – International Outreach Program for Education in Nigeria
This new program was launched in the summer of 2006, when Associate Director, Lowell Miller visited Jos, Nigeria to establish this international outreach program. Through the I-OPEN program students participating in the Ohio Model United Nations program support children, schools and communities in Jos, Nigeria.
To see a preview video of the schools and children in Nigeria – Click HERE.

“As students increase their knowledge of our world, they become more diplomatic, conscientious and concerned citizens. Additionally, students learn to understand and appreciate the perspectives of others and to express their own opinions in a constructive and accountable manner.”

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